About digilege

Digilege.no was founded in 2016 by a little group of doctors and is the first Norwegian digital health center.  We are being patient-centric in a digitizing world. We care about delivering excellent treatments to patients, and have taken this one step further by asking ourselves not just whether our treatments are safe and efficacious but also if its convenient and do they truly address the patients’ needs. 

Being ill is difficult enough, getting healthcare shouldn’t be. For many of us getting access to healthcare can be inconvenient and time consuming. We need to remember that patients are people like you and me, who get up in the morning, go to work, and pick up their kids after school. Most of the time there are problems that can be solved just as well from home as in a doctor's office. Our mission is to meet the patient on their behalf.  

Our team are a friendly bunch of clinicians that normaly works as GP, at hospitals or other apects of the healt care is system. Everyone speaks english and have their medical degree form Norway, Denmark or Austria. 

Digilege.no is run and owned by Digilege (Org.nr. 918 022 988). Digilege offers healthcare services to patients in Norway.